How To Send International Mail

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How to send International Mail

This page has been written by Industry specialist Don Dent of 3D International Mail.
International Mail and the 3d mailing process.

How does it work?

All of your individual addressed mail goes into a DHL Global mail bag and is picked up from your office by an DHL Courier.

The DHL Global mail bag is dispatched to Sydney where the DHL Global mail bag is opened and your individual mail sorted into destination countries.

Your mail is then sent to the destination country and injected into the official 1st class mail of that country.
For example, UK mail goes to Royal Mail, US mail goes to US postal service, etc.

Where should I and should I not mail to?
We are using the official mailing service of the destination country, if the country you are sending to has a good, reliable mailing service, you will also receive a good service.

However, if you have been receiving poor delivery to particular destinations with another service and it is to an unreliable destination, then my service will probably not be able to fix that situation for you but I can advise you where not to send mail to.

Definition of Registered mail service?

Registered post or registered mail is a service that provides a receipt of delivery service, not full tracking like international courier (3d also provides a super fast international courier service) meaning the requirement of the receiving post office is to put a receipt in the system when it has been delivered (the same as Australia Post).

That being said, there are many popular designations like New Zealand, UK, Europe and the USA that will often scan deliveries into their country on arrival, though it is not a requirement, but a bonus.
3D registered service has a 2kg limit to all countries except New Zealand which has a 20kg limit.

Along with the registered mail service you receive access to the DHL Global Mail Web portal, where you can print a PDF Proof of posting if you require.

There is also some tracking available and I also provide you with a page of worldwide destination country tracking links.

Delivery time frame

These are very broad as mail deliveries fluctuate greatly within countries:
New Zealand 8-12 days
Asia 14-21 days
UK/Europe 14-21 days
USA 14-21 days
Rest of the world 21 days plus

Christmas time
The 5 weeks leading up to Christmas and for 2 weeks after Christmas all mail systems worldwide are under extreme pressure, so expect long delays at this time of year. This will happen regardless of any mail service you use.

Worldwide updates
I do blog updates on my website for anything that is happening worldwide that could affect mail delivery so if there is a mail strike in France for example you will know about it.

Mailing tips
Always include the telephone number of the receiver.
I strongly recommend that when you are mailing something, you should always include the receiver’s phone number, that way if there is any address problem there is a chance for the receiving post office to deliver it.

Your receiver's address should be in the middle of the front of the parcel and twice as large as your sender details, which are better situated on the back top right hand corner of the parcel. Leave the front top right hand corner free for the mailing company (in this case DHL Global Mail) to put postage stamps on.

If your package is anything but documents, you will need to use a Customs CN22 sticker or a CN23 sticker for over 2kg. This should be placed anywhere on the front except the right hand corner.

Customs CN22 and CN23 stickers
For both parcel and registered parcel services that require custom CN22 stickers, I have bulk CN22 pre-printed for your individual business requirements. This is a free of charge service from 3d international mail and is a great time saver.

Global Business Mail (up to 2kgs of printed matter)

Documents, magazines, direct marketing.
Needs no customs form.
Global Packet Mail (up to 2kgs of non-printed matter)
Toys, pens, shoes, etc.
CN22 customs form required (see below).
Parcel Mail (2-20kgs of parcels)
Print or non-printed matter.
CN23 customs form required (see below).
For further information and to start saving money on your postage, please call Don directly on 0412 401074 or send an email to with a suitable time for me to call you, as the international mail system can be complex and not always possible to explain via email.

Because there are multiple solutions for each client, once I have spoken with you, I will tailor make a service to suit your individual business needs.

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I look forward to being of service to you and your organisation.
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